Knife care

Habit de Serrurier.

Carbon and Damascus steels can rust if not cared for. Here are a few tips on keeping your knife rust free. Firstly, don’t confuse rust with a patina or stain that may appear on your knife after cutting something acidic. This is normal and adds to the character of your knife. Damascus and carbon steel knives and swords have been around for thousands of years, so with care, you can own a future antique!

To prevent rust, do not store your knife in its leather sheath, as the leather picks up moisture and can cause your blade to rust. Rather oil or wax your blade and wrap it in a soft cloth for storage. Use the sheath only when you are using or wearing the knife. Wipe off the oil or wax before preparing food.

Do not wash your handmade knife in a dishwasher. Wash the blade by hand in warm soapy water; avoid getting the handle overly wet, do not let it soak in the water. Dry immediately, don’t leave it to drain in the drying rack. Oil the knife with olive oil if it is used regularly in the kitchen or with gun oil or Harvey’s

Habit de Marechal.

Conservation Paste or Renaissance Wax when storing. Remember to oil or wax the handle too.

If rust spots appear, rub the blade with a metal polish like Brasso or a very fine (0000) steel wool, then oil or wax the blade. Do not use oil with silicon in it as this can cause rust.

We guarantee our workmanship but natural handle materials cannot be guaranteed, they can and do shrink and expand so may crack. Do not leave your knife lying in the direct sunlight or near a heater.

Use your knife for what it was designed and keep it sharp.

A knife is an inanimate object and is only dangerous in the hands of the careless and the inexperienced.

Remember that your knife comes with a free lifetime sharpening service from Heavin Forge.

Harvey’s Conservation Paste

Handmade by Stan Hohowsky. This microcrystalline paste cleans, penetrates, nourishes and preserves wood, leather, damascus and carbon steels, bone, stone, ivory, horn, silver, brass and copper. Perfect for the conservation of antiques, knives, firearms, musical instruments and coins. Protects against fingerprints. This is a hard wax to prevent you from using too much of it.  Preferably lightly warm item to be waxed with a hairdryer to aid penetration of wax, (do not heat ivory). Apply wax sparingly. Rub up with a soft cloth when dry.

Sole supplier and manufacturer, Stan Hohowsky 082 662 1947 in Cape Town, Knives | Eyrieforge .