Welcome to Heavin

Knives for Sale

No knives are available on our website at the moment, sorry! Kevin will have a few knives for sale at our annual guild show, Saturday 23rd October.

Damascus Rings for Sale

We have several damascus rings in stock at the moment. ...
Clink on this link to enroll in our online school. https://heavin-forge-online-bladesmithing-school.teachable.com/

Course Schedule 2021-2022

Bookings are open for 2021 courses.
Please note that we will do our very best to present every course, but have to abide by the laws regarding travel and gathering sizes due to new COVID-19 regulations.  If you have paid a deposit to do a course and it can't go ahead as planned due to COVID-19 regulations, you will not lose your deposit or any other money you have paid, we will move you to a later date.  Thanks for your understanding.
We have been teaching bladesmithing and damascus steelmaking over the past 20 years, inspiring more than 2000 happy students! We have started our online bladesmithing school!  Call it our "heavinly school in the cloud!"  We provide free and paid-for content.  It is free to join. Click here to see a video about our school.