Knives for Sale

How can you buy one of our knives?

  • Occasionally we have knives for sale on this page, please scroll down to check.
  • The knives that we have for sale can also be viewed and purchased from our showroom at Heavin Forge in Belfast, South Africa. If you are in the area, we would love to show you around our workshop and showroom. Please phone first for an appointment - / 082 442 4840 / 074 892 9359.
  • We work hard to have stock for sale at the show we attend, namely the Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa annual show in Johannesburg, 
  • We also have knives for sale through our agent in the U.S.A,, they ship around the globe.

Knives For Sale - Showroom Stock

  • Each knife is individually made and will not be reproduced.
  • We don't have a catalogue with models.
  • We don't make knives to order.
  • All new knives come with a "Certificate of Origin".

What we show here below is what we have at present for sale in our showroom.


Mopane "Lion" Knife by Heavin Forge

Mopane "Lion" Knife by Heavin Forge

Price:  R3 800

150 mm long blade of hand-forged 5160 carbon steel.  Tapered full tang construction.  Handle of Mopane wood (Colophhospernum mopane) with fibre liners.  Brown embossed cowhide sheath.  This type of knife was used by the Kruger National Park's first game ranger, Harry Wolhuter, to kill a lion that attacked him while on patrol in the park in 1903.  He climbed a Mopane tree to get away from the second lion.  His memoirs can be read in his autobiography, "Memories of a Game Ranger".  His parents are buried in the cemetery in our home town of Belfast, Mpumalanga.




Sheffield Inspired Chef Set by Kevin Harvey M.S.

Price:  R8 500

This beautiful set can be used in your home or camp kitchen.  The large knife has a blade length of 270 mm long of hand-forged and differentially tempered 5160 carbon steel.  The construction is based on old Sheffield kitchen knives that had a "ricassoless taper" or a wedged taper in the tang.  The small knife is hand-forged and differentially tempered from 15N20 carbon/nickel steel and has a blade length of 105 mm.  The handle material on both knives is Hairy Vitex (Vitex obovata" wood with brass pins and washers.  The "piggy-back" sheath is embossed cowhide.






Harvey's Conservation Paste

Price: R20 for 10 g, R65 for 40 g, R200 for 200 g and R800 for 1000 g.
Available from Knife Machines and Tools ,,  Phone 067 078 0420 in Pretoria and from Stan Hohowsky 082 662 1947 in Cape Town.

Handmade by ourselves. This microcrystalline paste cleans, penetrates, nourishes and preserves wood, leather, damascus and carbon steels, bone, stone, ivory, horn, silver, brass and copper. Perfect for the conservation of antiques, knives, firearms, musical instruments and coins. Protects against fingerprints. This is a hard wax to prevent you from using too much of it.  Preferably lightly warm item to be waxed with a hairdryer to aid penetration of paste, (do not heat ivory). Apply paste sparingly. Rub up with a soft cloth when dry.