Course Students’ Comments


We do not take credit for what students do after they have done a course with us.  We have only been a tiny part in their success.  We would love to take credit for people like for example a former apprentice or those students who went on to become a Guild Member,  but it is always their hard work and dedication that makes them what they are today.


Students’ comments:

“Kevin and Heather are excellent teachers”

“A great course and very confidence inspiring. Very happy and inspired.”

“Educated and thorough instruction with a vast library of information. Well worth the time and effort. Thanks!”

“Thank you for this opportunity and your investment in my future.”

“It was a great privilege to have been under your expert and inspiring teaching. Two weeks of so much, is more than anyone can expect. Thanks so much for the realization of a dream.”

“I guess if you are reading this you have made the decision to invest in your own future. Well done!”

“I came excited and am leaving inspired.”

“I was there recently for two weeks on the ABS Introduction to Bladesmithing course. I had such a comfortable stay and learnt a lot of new things. The instructors heather and kevin harvey were wonderful, kind and helped me get through the course. Initially being an international student I was skeptical about the programme but the instructors took extra care in teaching me and making sure I understand the lessons. They have a well equipped spacious workshop that complements the course. There is a safe bunk house available inside the property with all essential facilities that made our stay easy. The property itself if very beautiful and soothing in a way. If you are hoping to learn about bladesmithing without a doubt this is the place to be. I would definitely go back to heavin forge for a another lesson. They also make custom knives and beautiful damascus rings that is available for sale.”

Our favourite comment from a husband and wife from Australia who did the course…..

You kept us flat out like a lizard drinking, but it was a fair dinkum course, run by a bonza sheila and bruce. No roos loose in their top paddock! The demo made the whole thing look like a piece of piss, but I almost had a tanty when I had to use the big arse grinder. It all came up smelling like roses in the end. ??”

SOME COMMENTS FROM STUDENTS – feel free to phone them, they are a friendly bunch!

“Better than a holiday! The perfect father-son bonding experience.” Rudi Viljoen, Tzaneen, Limpopo, 082 802 0880. Full House Course.

“Coolest course I have ever done!” Ruan Viljoen, Tzaneen, Limpopo, 083 706 9560. Full House Course.

“Jonathan and I did the Look and Learn course a while back now … You were all amazing! The course content was fascinating and we could see the incredible talent in each of you BUT at no point felt that the basic skills were unattainable. That counted most for me because I really believe that the next course will equip us to be able to make a knife … the level of art and creativity practised by you all may even be within reach one day!” Deon and Jonathan Grove, Hoedspruit, 082 685 7272. Look and Learn Course.

“Me and my son attended both the basic and damascus courses at Heavin Forge. We found it extremely practical and enjoyable. We are now able to make a knife by ourselves with confidence. Kevin and Heather are very approachable people and we have regular contact with them. Their help and advice is an invaluable backup. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone with a keen interest in forged knives.” Dr Thys Geldenhuys, Pretoria, 082 449 4076. Intro to Bladesmithing Course and Damascus Course.

“We were three people on the Introduction Course, with varying levels of technical ability. What really amazed me is that everyone, no matter what your technical ability may be, will walk away with a stunning knife after this course and be able to create more of these themselves.  have been a big fan of knives all my life, but after this course for the first time can I really appreciate the art of knife making. Kevin is an extremely good trainer, not to mention the patience he had to have with our group. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in knives, and please don’t let a lack of technical ability put you off – anyone will make a stunning knife on this course.” Emile van Zyl, 082 335 3830.

“My partner and I flew from Cape Town to do the ‘full house’ course and it was well worth it, he thoroughly enjoyed it and I can truly recommend this course to all females. I have never done anything remotely like this before, and walked away having made two stunning knives. You do not have to be a big burly man to do this and the sense of accomplishment is all that much more if you are not. Heather is a great inspiration, and Kevin’s fantastic teaching ability will allow you to feel capable and realize technique gives you way more than strength ever will..and there is always a helping hand if necessary. Safety equipment will keep softer skins intact, while allowing the feminine creative to pour out into a dazzling piece of art, which you can use on a daily basis, whether in the kitchen or in the garden. The studio stands in a beautifully romantic setting surrounded with horses, so don’t be afraid, and try something new today!”