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New Sister Website!

Please visit our sister website, for bite-sized blog posts on how to get into bladesmithing as well as where to find resources in the U.S.A and South Africa. We cater to beginner, intermediate and experienced bladesmiths as well as knife collectors. You are free to ask us questions from this site.

New Book!

Heather Harvey has written a book, “From Ore to War” on various different authentic African weapons in the Heavin Forge Collection. She has tried to figure out how they were made with such limited tools. The book is great for African weapons or art collectors as well as bladesmiths with an interest in African weapons. It is available in hardcover, softcover and as an eBook. For more information on the book please click here.

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you to the American Bladesmith Society’s board of directors for recognising our work to promote bladesmith training by awarding us with two exceptional awards! The W.W. Scagel Award for Heather and Kevin Harvey and the Margaret Moran Silver Slipper Award for Heather’s contribution to support the ABS in its endeavour to preserve and perpetuate the art of the hand-forged blade. These awards were handed out at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., on the 2nd June 2023. Although we couldn’t be there in person to collect them, we would like to thank everyone involved in getting the awards to us. We are truly honoured.
The W.W. Scagel Award is in recognition of contributions made in the art of the forged blade.

Prizes at the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa, annual show, 2023.

Kevin won three certificates and a trophy at our annual Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa show with his damascus Ear-dagger.  He won Best Dagger, and Best Knife on Show.  Kevin also received a certificate by the KGSA vice chairman, Willie Venter, for his contribution to the guild.  Kevin has served on the guild committee for half his life time, 27 years!  Heather received the Chairman’s award for her help.

Kevin and Heather launched their book, “How to Make a Narrow Tang Knife”, at the annual guild show.  Please click here to find out how to order your copy. It is available in hardcover, softcover and an eBook.

A dream come true for a young knife enthusiast.

Many years ago, our good friend, Frances Farrell from eSwatini (Swaziland) told us how obsessed her young son, Gabriel, was about knives and that his ambition was to come and attend one of our bladesmithing courses.  Well, his dream came true and he finally got to make his own knife on course with us.  We love encouraging young makers!



Kevin Harvey designed a 35kg anvil for bladesmiths and farriers in 2011.  Only 12 were cast, all hard at work and should be for generations to come!

Dennis Kriel from Drakon Forge went into collaboration with Heavin Forge and have revived Kevin’s design.  He is having cast steel anvils made from Kevin’s pattern and you can buy one from him.