Prices and Ordering

Prices and options

  • Narrow rings in Damascus do not show off the pattern very well. We prefer to have a minimum width of 4 mm.
  • Prices include a sterling silver sleeve
  • Prices are quoted in South African Rands

Prices in Rands
4 to 6.4 mm wide R2 750
6.5 to 9.4 mm wide R3 250
9.5 to 12 mm wide R3 600

  • If you wish to have the ring with wide rails in sterling silver, it will cost an extra R750.
  • If you would like the ring lined in titanium, it costs an extra R700.
  • Prices for gold wire inlay or sleeves, special shapes, stones or any one-off ideas you may have, on request.

Example of inside ring engraving


Inside ring engraving is possible. We do not own a machine that can do the engraving, we engrave by hand (very difficult to do) and can only engrave if the ring is lined in silver or gold (not on titanium). R500 for 25 characters (including spaces), depending on the ring size.  You can have the ring sleeve laser engraved after buying it.  Engraving on the damascus steel is not a great idea, as the writing gets lost in the damascus pattern.




Courier and postage

Insured door to door courier fee is R200 within South Africa. Overseas couriering will be around R450. Once the parcel has been collected by the courier, it is no longer the responsibility of Heavin Forge.

How to order

Please email us at with the following details to obtain a quote.

  1. We would need you to get your ring size (preferably an inside diameter in mm) taken by a jeweller using a "wide" ring sizer, not a "narrow" one.  Manufacturing jewellers will have wide ring sizers.
  2. The width you would like.  Anywhere between 4 mm to 12 mm wide.
  3. The pattern you require, fine, medium or bold feather pattern.
  4. Your choice of the sleeve, sterling silver, gold or titanium and whether or not you would like it with wide rails or just the sleeve.  We cannot do wide rails with titanium, only a sleeve.
  5. We need as much time as possible lead time to make the ring, preferably 6 weeks, so please let me know your wedding date if it is a wedding band.
  6. We need your physical address and phone number for the courier.
  7. You only need to pay for the ring once it is finished.  We will email you a photo of the ring when it is complete and send you our bank account details.  Once payment has been received, we will arrange the courier and email you the tracking number.

If you accept our quote and give us the go-ahead, we will try our best to have the ring ready well within the 6 weeks that we advertise.  We would only require a 50% deposit if you choose a gold sleeve, rails or inlay.

A note for jewellers regarding sizing: Damascus is a ferrous steel and unlike nonferrous metals, it cannot be re-sized.  The size must be taken with a wide ring sizer and we can make rings in half sizes.  If possible please give the size in millimetres for the inside diameter.  If the ring looks dull, it can be lightly buffed and re-waxed. Email us if you have any questions.


Wide and narrow ring sizer.

Wide and narrow ring sizers.

These photos show the difference between a "narrow" and "wide" ring sizer. Please take your ring size with the "wide" ring sizer as once you have given me your size, w will make it to that exact size and cannot replace it if it does not fit due to us being given the incorrect size. You will be liable for payment. Just 0.25 mm makes a big difference in the correct size of a ring.



We normally have a few rings in stock. If we don't have one that suits you, we can make you one, but please realize that we can never repeat a pattern, each ring is unique which is what makes it special. The patterns we make are Bold Feather, Medium Feather and Fine Feather.  If you have found a different pattern on a damascus ring on the internet, please understand that we cannot replicate it, we only offer the three options.

Examples of fine, medium and bold feather patterns

Each ring comes with a tiny piece of very fine polishing cloth to use on the ring if ever it looks dull.  We include a tin of our Harvey's Conservation Paste to use on the ring if ever you need to store it as well as a write up on how the ring was made and how to care for it.

You can wear the ring 24/7 and it should require no maintenance.  It is safe to wear the ring during bathing and showering, it will dry off with the heat of your hands.  Don’t leave it lying in water next to the sink.  If you swim in the sea, coat the ring with a little bit of our wax first.  Your damascus ring should outlast any other jewellery you own and hopefully be handed down through your family for the next thousand years or so!  A wonderful thought to have.