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Exciting News!

Heather and Kevin Harvey are busy creating an online bladesmithing school!  Call it our “heavinly school in the clouds!”  We provide free and paid-for content.  Please enrol and we will contact you with further information on our classes and you will be informed when new content is available.  We would also highly value your input as to what subjects you would like us to cover, what areas in your bladesmithing are unclear to you, what problems we could help you with and what format you would prefer the information in.  So far, people seem to prefer our PDF tutorials as they can print them out and follow them, step by step, in their workshop, but we are open to other ideas and are busy setting up to do some videos too.  We would love to hear from you!

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Grinding a dagger – Kevin Harvey
Filmed at Black Dragon Forge at the Southern African Bladesmith Association Hammer-In, 24 August 2019.  Thanks to Neels van den Berg for the footage.