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Shave With A Blade (SWAB) Challenge. Also known as the "Save With A Blade" fund raising challenge to all knife enthusiasts to shave with a blade and pledge money to Michaela Shoebotham for her stem cell transplant. See the video clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSfnR9wm0eA

Kevin SWAB1

Michaela Shoebotham is our thirty-one year old niece who is battling Lymphoma for the third time. She needs a stem cell transplant and needs to raise funds to pay for it. Her medical aid will only pay for part of her treatment, the rest she needs to pay for herself. Please read more about her amazing fight by looking at her blog http://youmeandthebigc.blogspot.co.za She has two young sons, Joshua (10) and Oliver (6) and a loving, hardworking husband, Ian.

Michaela and Josh

Years ago, Kevin made a Bowie knife, called “the Big C Fighter” and we raffled off tickets to raise money to help Michaela with her first stem cell transplant. We managed to raise R50 000 for her. This time, the challenge goes out to knife enthusiasts to pledge to pay into the fund by challenging a friend to “Shave With A Blade”. Fun fundraising for a serious cause.

Big C Fighter

Kevin has been tested to see if he is a tissue match. He is now on the international bone marrow donor register. If he is not a match for Michaela, he will hopefully be able to help someone else in need. Excess funds raised for Michaela will go to the Sunflower Fund. http://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/

You can use any blade, but if it is handmade, then promote your knives with a few photos of what you make. If you are a knife collector, maybe you would like to share some photos of your collection. Document your shaving with a short video or some pictures and share them on Facebook and encourage your friends to take part in the SWAB Challenge. Let’s see if this can go viral! Challengers, after your “volunteer” has completed the shave, please don’t forget to pay the amount you pledged into the fund.

We know that some of you might be quite “precious” about your beards! You don’t need to shave your beard, you can, shave your head, shave your arms, your legs, your chest/back or even a peach. We cannot tell you what amount to pledge, but for example: Heather challenged Kevin to shave his beard for R500 (South African Rand), the equivalent of U.S $40 or G.B £30. See the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSfnR9wm0eA  Shaving another body part may bring in $15 to $25, you decide, every cent counts. Hopefully numerous friends will challenge one knifemaker/enthusiast many times to encourage him to shave. The “shaver” only has to pay a “penalty” of $10 per accidental cut. Each “challenger” pays the amount they have pledged. 

Arm shaveLeg shave

Chest shaveHead shavePeach shave


Gauze SwabsHair

“Shavers”, please take care! Knives are not safety razors. Make sure your knives are really sharp before you start. If you are nervous of the challenge, get a friend to shave you. Please do not attempt this challenge alone. Have your ferric chloride handy to stop bleeding. Have those gauze swabs ready! Have your camera ready and take it slowly and carefully. Share your experience and remember it is for a good cause.

Val black and white1Val sheared

Heather challenged Valiant, the sheep to a shave and raises R500 for Michaela.

Michaela and AssegaiKevin and Michaela

DISCLAIMER: You undertake the challenge at your own risk. Kevin and Heather Harvey and Heavin Forge are not liable for any injury incurred.

Check out her Facebook page, Michaela Shoebotham.


You can pay into her account in the U.K. (which is still in Michaela’s maden name, Beasley). All donations are audited and only used for Michaela’s medical expenses.

Michaela Beasley
Account number: 67455921
Branch Code: 60 -22 - 19

Or in South Africa:

Mr Ian Shoebotham
First National Bank (FNB)
Account Number: 62653415309
Cheque Account
Branch Code: 250655

Thank you to everyone taking part and please don’t cut yourselves! If you do there is a $10 penalty to pay!


Excess funds will be donated to the Sunflower Fund. http://www.sunflowerfund.org.za/


Six of our students shaved various parts of their anatomy to raise money for Michaela. Thank you!

Brothers in armsKevin1

Mass shaveRagnarHold mouth just right


Guess who


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