Our Hobbies
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 It is not all work at Heavin Forge as you may notice if you read the last line of text on our business card, “please visit by appointment as we may be fishing, 4 X 4ing or horse riding!”

Trail RideAssegai, Kevin & Heather

 We love fly-fishing and our area is very well known for its excellent trout fishing.  They are not natural to South Africa and can only survive where it is cool enough.  The altitude of our town is over 1 800 meters (nearly 8 000 feet) above sea level and the weather quite cool.  We take part in all our local fishing competitions and Heather fished for her province. Occasionally we try our hand at catching Yellow Fish who only live in very fast moving water in the warmer areas of South Africa and are a great challenge to catch, as you have to wade into the rapids to get to them.

Heather Fly FishingHeather & Friend Fly Fishing

 Finsbury brownFinsbury H

4 x 4ing is also high on the list of fun things to do and we love to head off on “the road less graveled” in search of beautiful landscapes and adventure. 

Camping in the Kruger Park 4 x 4 Rock Climbing02

We own a few horses. Heather loves to trick train the horses.  Bowie the Brilliant can do over 40 different tricks and loves to play soccer; she can even hold a soccer ball! 

Cooling OffAnvil Surfing

 Bowie flagWootz & Josh

 Kevin forging at Wattle CreekKevin wearing BowieHeather at Wattle Creek1

Heather collects anvils, hats, sidesaddles, antique horse bits, spurs and stirrups. Kevin enjoys shooting with his many different firearms at the shooting range and reloads some of his own ammunition.
Collection of Side Saddles02


Me and my dogMe and my funny dog

Bowie waving2
FriendsVal black and whiteShamrock

All the ridersBowie being ridden

Bowie H xmasRooster

Kevin's handsShamrock1

Kevin recently built a pizza oven with the help of his friend, Arrie van Niekerk. Rucus Coetzee our past apprentice loves baking bread in the oven.

Building pizza oven 1Building pizza oven 2

Preparing pizzaPizza nephews

Pizza ovenPizza reflection



Heavin in flowers


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